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Explore the 25-year evolution of Medicaid managed care from its humble beginnings to the highly complex and sophisticated system that exists today.   

In collaboration with ACAP and MHPA, Sellers Dorsey analyzed the current state, history, and future of managed care. With a focus on expanded levels of services, new populations served, and the innovations created through both public and private partnerships, you can’t afford to miss this report. 

See what 6 states and 6 MCOs have focused on over the course of their journeys. The report includes: 

  • Initial stages of benefits covered 
  • New approaches that integrate social determinants of health 
  • Value-based payment initiatives and innovations 
  • Strategic partnerships with health systems and others 
  • And more! 

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Hear from experts Leesa Allen, Craig Kennedy, and Meg Murray on what to expect in the upcoming report!