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Summaries of Enacted State Budgets FY2024

What’s ahead for state budgets in Fiscal Year 2024? In this comprehensive overview from Sellers Dorsey, we lead you through each state’s enacted budget for the year, their Medicaid spending plans, and program changes for 2024-2025. See where states are looking to allocate funds to best address their most mission-critical challenges and align with the needs of their communities.

During this year’s budget season, 47 states enacted budgets. Of those, 31 states enacted annual budgets for FY2024, 16 states enacted biennial budgets for FY2024-FY2025, and three states enacted biennial budgets in 2022.

Among other trends, our analysis shows:

  • 10+ states are investing in housing initiatives, including assistance for homelessness.
  • 11+ states allocated health-related funding to rural health.
  • 9 states have new governors because the governor in office in 2022 lost the election, was term-limited, or was not seeking reelection.
  • All states reported significant surpluses.

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