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Housing White Paper 2.0
How Medicaid and CHIP Are Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Social, environmental, and other community and structural factors — such as housing, transportation, education, and food security — can have profound impacts on our health. As the body of evidence linking social needs and health outcomes grows, states have increasingly utilized section 1115 waivers to pilot innovative programs that address social determinants of health.

In October 2022, Sellers Dorsey released “1115 Demonstration Approaches to Housing Services and Supports: A Comparative Analysis of Six States Housing Pilots.” Since then, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recognized the importance of addressing health related social needs to assist in meeting the objectives of the Medicaid program. In December 2022, CMS released a framework for how states can incorporate health-related social needs, such as housing and nutrition, into 1115 waivers. Additionally, the agency has approved 1115 waivers from several states, some of which were pending last year, that include approvals for some of these services and supports.


  • An overview of the new federal policy framework for states seeking opportunities to address social determinants of health
  • Creative ways states are using 1115 waivers to address housing services and supports
  • Insights into additional states that are approved or are pending approval for other kinds of housing related initiatives

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Housing White Paper 1.0
A Comparative Analysis of Six States Housing Pilots White Paper

This paper examines six various state approaches and approved federal waiver flexibilities that will help you better understand the efforts and accomplishments across the country.


  • The unique ways Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Utah are using 1115 waivers to address housing
  • Approaches and factors to consider when tackling homelessness through state Medicaid programs
  • Inspiration and creativity for future programs